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Our audience

Our products were developed for those companies, which already work with MicroStation and try to increase their productivity and to work as efficiently as they want. Main purpose of our products – automatization of routine operations, which take a lot of efforts and time for everyday tasks decisions.

Most of such operations can be fulfilled with the usage of standard MicroStation's tools, but if you seriously think about how to increase productivity, then we would recommend you to pay your attention at our applications for MicroStation.

Our applications for MicroStation

NOTE: Microstation V8i not yet supported
Download MOLOTOV Project for V7 (Coming Soon)
Download MOLOTOV Project for V8


Take full control over elements in MicroStation!

You can easily increase efficiency of your MicroStation by 20%, since with Element Manager you can group and select elements by their different properties and/or place of allocation spending for this only several seconds. You can also easily browse one-by-one through all elements of the selected group. Element Manager will give you ability to create reports, look at the detailed element information, convert elements, highlight elements, turn on/off levels and so on...



Increase your skills MicroStation Navigation and MicroStation Pathfinding for +20!

Automatic view centering, Eagle Eye (magnifying glass), mouse buttons customization, AutoCADdish pan view, completion of the current operation with Escape button (like in AutoCAD), automatic views synchronization – all these and some more features of our product will allow you to increase productivity of your work with MicroStation by 15%!



Disclose for yourself how useful Saved Views can be!

Saved View Selector gives fast access to Saved Views of the current and reference files. Fast and easy access to creation and activation of Saved Views.

Saved View Manager allows to create HTML reports from Saved Views, create pictures, clip references by Saved Views and etc.


Add 32nd day to the current month!

MP Favorites creates additional submenu to MicroStation’s main menu, where user can add to links to frequently used files, cell libraries, key-ins and web pages.

You can estimate benefits form MP Favorites usage in the following way:

Operation Operations per day Gain per one operation, minutes Total gain, minutes per day
File selection (for editing or reference) 7 1 7
Cell library selection 6 1 6
Serch for useful command (key-in), which you use from time to time 1 5 5
Web page activation 3 2 6

So, total summary gain is 24 minutes per day, or in other words 8 hours per month! You can spend this day in more attractive way – go with your family to barbecue or with your friends to fishing trip. Finally you can go to a swimming pool. Each of mentioned pastimes will give you more pleasure than 8 hour mouse clicking when trying to find necessary files.

MP Favorites on Be|Communities...


Manage Levels!
Torn on off your levels in MicroStation

Can you estimate how much of your working time you are spending for change of levels visibility? And how much of specific information, such as “swamps are on 17 level”, you have to remember for common work? And please remember how much time you usually spend for setting levels display, when 5-10 reference files are attached. You can quit all this "level hell" with Level View application, which allows:

  • Turn on/off levels simultaneously in several files
  • Turn on/off levels simultaneously in several views
  • Attach/detach reference files
  • Create Level Filters (store current levels state for further usage)


Polygonize closed contours in automatic mode!
Polygonize lines, linestrings, shapes, comples shapes.

SDT Polygons allows to create shapes and complex shapes in automatic mode from closed contours, which consist of lines, linestrings, shapes, complex chains, complex shapes.

Polygonizing is really fast. Even big files will be polygonized in several minutes.

This MDL application for MicroStation is FREE!



Decompose your design!
Polygonize lines, linestrings, shapes, comples shapes.

SDT Parts tool was developed for MicroStation engineers, who want to decompose existing design files or need to extract some parts of design files for further use. For example this tool can be used for creation of AutoCAD blocks or MicroStation cells from existing drawings.

This MDL application for MicroStation is FREE!