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What is SDT Parts?

SDT Parts tool was developed for MicroStation engineers, who want to decompose existing design files or need to extract some parts of design files for further use. For example this tool can be used for creation of AutoCAD blocks or MicroStation cells from existing drawings.

Create cells from DGN files

For example see 2 sets of pictures below. The first picture shows source elements. We want to create 3 separate AutoCAD DWG files from the source file. So we surround elements with white shapes (put their level into "Shape Level" field). Two parts "Joined" and "Not Joined" already have names, so we want them to become output file names (we put level of these text elements into "Part Name Level" field).

Elements to create cells from...

Picture 1. Source Elements

Then we need to fill the following fields:

  • "Levels to process" - levels where lay elements we want to create separate files from.
  • "Boundary Mode" - define what part of file shapes point to. You should leave it "Inside" in many cases.
  • "Direction Cell" - in this particular case we want to rotate the left chamfered line to the horizontal state. So we've place small green arrow and rotated it into desired direction. So we fill this field with "CellDirect" - name of the green arrow cell.
  • "Output Directory" - path to folder where output files will be created.
  • "Output File Format" - you can choose output file format. Currently supported formats are AutoCAD DQG, DGN V7 and DGN V8.

As result of SDT Parts work we get the following separate files. Please not that all resulting parts are moved to (0,0,0) and chamfered line is also rotated as required.

Rotated and moved cell Created cell Created cell

Picture 2. Output Files (Base Geometry-001.dwg, Joined.dwg, Not Joined.dwg)

Batch processing and key-in mode

You can call dialog and access settings with the following key-ins:

  • MP PARTS DIALOG - display dialog
  • MP PARTS DIRCELL - set "Direction Cell" field
  • MP PARTS INLEVELS - set "Levels to process" field
  • MP PARTS OUTDIR - set "Output Directory" field
  • MP PARTS PRTNAMELEV - set "Part Name Level" field
  • MP PARTS SHAPELEV - set "Shape Level" field

Using these key-ins you will be able easily store and recall your favorite settings. You can also use MP Favorites for quick access to your key-ins.

How to find output files?

After the output files are created SDT Parts shows total amount of the created output files and opens one of them.

How much SDT Parts costs?

SDT Parts application is FREE. Please write us if you need the free license for it and we will generate it with pleasure for you.


Download SDT Parts for MicroStation V8 and MicroStation XM

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