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Change View User Guide

When to use Change View

    Change View was developed for MicroStation users who wish to increase their productivity when working with MicroStation. Change View helps to automate base operations, which are frequently used in everyday work. Change View contains the following functionalities which allows to highly increase user’s productivity and production quality:

    • Eagle Eye – show zoomed in working area with one button press
    • Automove – automatically move view when working near view’s boundary
    • Custom Button Assignment – assign any key-in to your mouse buttons
    • AutoCAD Pan View – pan view as in AutoCAD
    • Saved Scales – allow to save and recall viewing scale of the current view
    • Move View with keyboard arrows
    • Show/hide all opened applications

    Change View has flexible settings, so you can configure most of the operations as you wish. The current document contains detailed information about named features and their settings. This information will allow you to use Change View more efficiently, and raise your productivity to the next level.