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When you attach/detach reference files an turn on/off levels of master and reference files, you need to concentrate your attention on this work, since even one incorrectly turned off level may lead to 5-10 minutes of time wasting, when trying to find proper element. It is especially difficult to attach all reference files and set their levels display masks correctly, when all dialogs required for this task take almost whole visible space (Level Manager, Level Display, Reference Files). Level View gives compact dialog with fast-n-easy access for levels and reference files managing functions, and also adds some new functionalities, which allow within 2-3 mouse clicks to set level display masks to the correct state in all files.

What is Level View?

Level View is a MicroStation V7 application, which was specifically designed for simplifying levels and reference files management. Such simplifying significantly increase work's productivity, since

   a) User spends less time for setting master file levels
   b) User spends less time for setting levels of attached reference files
   c) User does not spend time for searching of incorrectly turned off elements
   d) User can pay close attention to another important things without taking a rest

What does Level View do?

Level View gives access to the following functionalities :

  • Simultaneous levels display masks setting in several views
  • Simultaneous levels display masks setting of several reference files
  • Simultaneous levels display masks setting of several reference files in several views
  • Store in file and recall current level display mask
  • Attaching/detaching of reference files
  • Bulk reference files detaching

Why consider Level View?

Laborious operations always require special attention to be paid. Levels management is one of these operations. Please try to remember how many times you've tried to find required parts of your drawing which were on the turned off levels.

But almost all people need to take at least a little rest after completion of laborious operations. Thus simplifying such operations you increase work efficiency.

How does Level View work?

GUI of Level View is intuitively obvious.

Left upper part of the dialog contains buttons that handle Reference Files.
   "AttRef" - attach reference file
   "DetRef" - detach selected reference file
   "DetBad" - detach all reference files which are not really attached
   "DetAll" - detach all reference files

Right upper part contains buttons which allows to capture, save and recall levels state (level filters).
   "Load" - load files with stored level masks
   "Save" - create file from currently available levels masks
   "Add" - create new level mask from turned on/off levels
   "Del" - delete the currently selected level mask

The buttons at the bottom of Level View's dialog allows to set level mask for proper file in proper views.

How can I find out more?

If you still have some questions, then please feel free to contact our technical support. Our specialists will help you with pleasure.

How much Level View costs?

MP Favorites works for free for a month after installation. Then you should order a license, or write us a letter about your lust for work with our application in trial mode.

Favorite references, key-ins and cell libraries for MicroStation
Favorite references, key-ins and cell libraries for MicroStation