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Saved View Manager User Guide

When to use Saved View Manager

    MP Saved View Manager was developed for MicroStation users who wish to increase their productivity when working with Saved Views created in MicroStation. MP Saved View Manager also allows to user to look at Saved View functionality from another direction. Main new functionalities are:

    • Teleport creation – interactive HTML-report for Saved Views, which allows to activate selected saved view in MicroStation directly from HTML report. “Teleport” is very convenient way to switch between files, models, sheets and etc.
    • Create JPG from Saved Views
    • Create Saved Views in automatic mode for all file’s models. This may be especially useful for models which have dozens of models, for example Cell Libraries.
    • Reference files clipping by Saved Views boundaries
    • Create Thumbnail from Saved View
    • Temporary activation of file, model, place of Saved View with ability to return back to the edited file with one mouse click
    • Flexible settings for displaying and processing of Saved Views
    • Create/Import/Delete/Rename of Saved Views

    Actually Saved View is very convenient functionality, but it resides so far, that sometimes it is hard enough to simple create and recall saved view. Besides functionality of Saved Views is very simple.

    So this may result in very common situation, when users spend their valuable time for searching for proper file proper model, proper place in model.

    Also it should be noted, that MP Saved View Manager can work with Saved Views of all models which are connected with the active model (reference models, other models of the current design file). Note that MicroStation allows only to activate Saved Views of the currently active model.

    It is very convenient to use MP Saved View Manager with MP Saved View Selector, which occupies tiny display area and allows to fast and easy activate and create new Saved Views.