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Viewing operations Ė are the most popular operations in MicroStation. Frequently we donít pay proper attention to viewing operations, though they can make up to 50 and more percents of all executed operations. Partially you can reduce amount of viewing operations by increasing amount of monitors and increasing monitor's sizes, but such operations as zooming elements, pan view, view synchronization , still will take extra mouse clicks and accordingly extra time. Change View helps significantly reduce time for viewing operations and save up to 30 minutes per day.

What is Change View?

Change View is a MicroStation MDL application, which allows to reduce amount of mouse clicks during drafting and viewing DGN files. Reducing mouse clicks helps to save up to 15% for drafting and viewing operations.

What does Change View do?

   Change View automates the following operations:

  • Centering view when entering point near view boundary
  • Zooming elements (Magnifying glass or Eagle Eye)
  • View synchronization
  • Assigning mouse buttons to user commands (key-ins)
  • Finishing operation using Escape button (as in AutoCAD)
  • Toggle all sinkable dialogs
  • Save and recall of viewing scales
  • Moving view with arrow keys of the keyboard

Why consider Change View?

Letís have a good look at the following example Ė engineer changes the contents of his working view once per 15 seconds. Letís take that Change View helps to save 1 second per operation. Then itís easy to calculate that engineer will save 32 minutes per day on viewing operations. Thus in most cases, pay-back period of Change View takes 2-3 weeks.

How does Change View work?

Zoom, pan, views synchronization for Microstation

Change View has simple user-friendly interface and flexible settings subsystem. You can get detailed information about settings and functionalities of Changed View in online-documentation. The hottest functions are:

Eagle Eye for MoroStation

How do I find out more?

You can find more information about our Change View application on one of the best MicroStation site Be|Communities and in our online documentation. If you still have some questions, then please feel free to contact our technical support.

How does Change View cost?

Element Manager works for free for a month after installation. Then you should order a license, or write us a letter about your lust for work with our application in trial mode. We hope that the cost of Change View will be many times less than the cost of your and all your co-worker's time saved by our tool.

Enjoy it!

Favorite references, key-ins and cell libraries for MicroStation
Favorite references, key-ins and cell libraries for MicroStation