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Saved View Selector User Guide

When to use Saved View Selector

    MP Saved View Selector was developed for MicroStation users who wish to increase their productivity when working with Saved Views created in MicroStation. For this, application allows to call the most frequent operations with 1 or 2 mouse clicks.

    Saved View Selector also allows to work with Saved Views of reference files or Saved Views of another models of the current file (MicroStation can work only with Saved Views of the current model). Applicationís dialog can be docked. If Molotov Projectís applications are installed corresponding to installationís instruction available on site, then Saved View Selector is automatically reloaded after MicroStationís restart (if it was opened on close time).

    And more, enhanced settings of Saved View displaying allow not only to show Saved Views, but and switch between models of Saved Views.

    We hope that MP Saved View Selector will allow you to look at MicroStationís Saved Views functionality from another point of view, and you will see how efficient you can be using it.