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30 August 2008 - Molotov Project Purchased by Advanced.1, Ltd.

We will post further plans in the near future.

19 July 2008 - Element Manager v8.3d was released.

It has the following changes:

  • Added new field for grouping elements - "Additional2"
  • Fixed several small bugs

5 March 2008 - SDT Parts v8.0b was released.

Now SDT Parts can write cells into single MicroStation cell library. Also it was added ability to set many fields by selection of corresponding elements (Use buttons with Binoculars for that!).

2 February 2008 - SDT Parts v8.0a was released.

SDT Parts tool was developed for MicroStation engineers, who want to decompose existing design files or need to extract some parts of design files for further use. For example this tool can be used for creation of AutoCAD blocks or MicroStation cells from existing drawings.

25 November 2007 - Element Manager v8.3c was released.

It has the following changes:

  • Fixed some lock ups which happened during work with MicroStation XM
  • Now color icons are surrounded by black boxes

21 September 2007 - Free MicroStation MDL application.

We are happy to tell you that since now Change View for V7 is free MDL application for MicroStation.

12 August 2007 - New site design was implemented.

New interesting features on our site:

And much more...

4 July 2007 - MP Favorites v8.1a for v8 was released.

It has the following features:

  • Switch to References with 2 clicks.
  • Switch to DGN files fom the same directory with 2 clicks
  • Attach cell libraries from the same directory with 2 clicks

14 May 2007 - Element Manager v8.3b for v8 was released.

It has the following benefits:

  • Move elements from different levels to single level
  • Distribute elements to selected levels

9 October 2006 - Element Manager v8.3a for v8 was released.

It has the following benefits:

  • EM can process only elements from Selection Set. This new feature will help to select elements by several additional attributes.
  • Display examples of colors, weights and line styles
  • Added ability to select/add to selection set/unselect current element
  • Added ability to select/add to selection set/unselect current group of elements
  • Added ability to restore previous Selection Set

4 September 2006 - Element Manager v8.2c for v8 was released.

It has the following benefits:

  • Added UPPERCASE, lowercase and Capitalize operations for texts, text nodes and cells
  • New Additional parameter Text Value (now you can group text and text node elements by their text strings)
  • Added ability to change the current element (go to it) in the "Minimized" dialog
  • Added ability to turn off automatic Refresh which happens when you open Element Manager, open new file or change grouping columns ("Settings" -> "Change Settings..." -> "Autorefresh Statistics...")

30 August 2006 - Change View v8.2d was released.

This version contains the following features and fixes:

  • Eagle Eye view now dynamically changes it's position when it gets partially invisible
  • Arrows now correctly work in rotated views
  • Now you can set View where Change View's Arrows will work ("Settings"->"View affected by the Arrows")
  • Change View dialog can be sinked
  • You can turn off "Scale" group from Change View dialog (which will make it smaller). Turn off "Scale"->"Display Scale on main Change View dialog"

Old News

10 August 2006 - PowerDraft platform was supported in all our applications!

9 July 2006 - enjoy new free tool - MP Favorites!!! Read more about the tool...

28 May 2006 - the fist tool of the Small Drafting Tools has been released. MP SDT Polygons tool will help you to polygonize simple 2d elements. Read more about the tool...

4 May 2006 - Element Manager v8.2b for v8 and Element Manager v1.2a for v7 were released. V7 version now has ability to select element by large amount of different element properties. V8 version now can select elements by Fill Color and also it allows to filter elements by different properties using wildcards. For example you can now only work with cells named as "*2006" and etc.

30 April 2006 - Change View v8.2c was released. This version contains View Synchronization feature.

30 April 2006 - we have moved from freeware to shareware. New licensing schema was developed. Now all users download our products with trial license which works 30 days since installation time. After trial license is expired then user can buy the product or ask for additional temporary free license.

30 April 2006 - New version of MP Menu was released. Now you can call "Molotov Project" menu just loading mpmenu.ma.

20 February 2006 - Element Manager v8.2a was released. Now you can:

  • Group elements by rotation angle
  • Group elements by Database Linkage, Database Linkage Entity, Database Linkage Type
  • Group elements by year, month, date, hour and minute of last modification
  • Turn on/off levels by elements group
  • Highlight elements of a current group
  • Group Shared Cells by name

30 Jauary 2006 - Help for MP Saved View Manager is available now!

14 Jauary 2006 - New application created for you - MP 3D Axes v8.0a. Make your 3D drafting more convenient!

2 Jauary 2006 - Added 5 New applications to "Other MDLs" page. Download and use them. Also you can download new versions of our applications with new licensing date.

22 December 2005 - Saved View Manager v8.1a was released. Now you can:

  • Create HTML Report "Teleport" for Saved Views. This HTML Report allows to activate file and Saved View from link on the html page
  • Create Saved Views for all models of your design file automatically (especially useful for Cell Libraries)
  • Switch to any Saved View with easy return to previous file
  • Flexible Settings for displaying and counting Saved Views

17 December 2005 - Change View v8.2b was released. It contains new "AutoCAD Escape" feature. Now you can finish the current operation or clear Selection Set with Escape button. Or you can use Escape button as a function key!

11 December 2005 - Element Manager v8.1b was released. Now it allows to delete groups of elements by means of "Delete Elements of the Current Group" operation.

2 December 2005 - new version of Change View v8.2a was released. It contains 3 new features: associate any key-in with mouse button, AutoCAD Pan View and show/hide all MicroStation dialogs. Also Change View Help become available.

21 November 2005 - new version of Element Manager v8.1a was released. It contains different bug fixes. Also Element Manager Help become available.

18 October 2005 - Element Manager v8.1a was released:

  • Added ability to show information only about interested elements - filter elements by element attributes ("Element Filter..." button)
  • Added ability to select and filter text and text node elements by their text strings
  • Now user can press "Info..." button and see Element Information dialog, which will be refreshed when browsing elements
  • Button "Update" was renamed to "Refresh Statistics"

20 September 2005 - New Products were released: MP Saved View Selector and MP Saved View Manager

25 August 2005 - Change View 8.1b was released.

  • Enhanced default settings

  • Added menu option "Restore Factory Defaults"

  • Added "View Border" button to show automove active zone

  • Fixed bug when ChangeView incorrectly worked with InfoSnap tool

  • Fixed EagleEye view blinking

24 August 2005 - added information about 2 more free MDL applications to page "Other MDLs"

30 July 2005 - added information about 3 more free MDL applications to page "Other MDLs"

25 July 2005 - Change View 8.1a. Added "Eagle Eye" functionality.

10 July 2005 - Element Manager v8.0c. New feature allows to change View Dependent elements to View Independent (see "Operation" menu). This also allows to change Point cells to Graphic cells. New "Additional" parameter - "View Dependent or View Independent".

2 July 2005 - opened page "Other MDLs"

18 June 2005 - Element Manager v8.0b was released (added possibility to group elements by the really displayed symbology (Additional parameters - Effective Color, Effective Weight, Effective LineStyle)).

1 may 2005 www.mdlapps.com has been opened !!!