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Best MicroStation Sites

  1. MSM magazine. A lot of articles about MicroStation. www.msmonline.com
  2. Check out Bentley Communities for a Tons of tips and tricks. Bentley Communities
  3. EatYourCad. Read more about MicroStation. www.eatyourcad.com
  4. Microstation XM, V8, and V7 training manuals and internet training courses. http://www.micro-press.com
  5. Useful tools for MicroStation from UK. www.la-solutions.co.uk
  6. Bentley discussion groups. The only alive forum about MicroStation. discussion.bentley.com
  7. Bentley discussion group by ADVANCED.1.  Bentley Communications User Group
  8. Download InfoSnap here. www.ustation.se

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