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Main Saved View Selector functions

Fast recall of Saved View

    Combo-box at the left part of Saved View Selector’s dialog allows to choose Saved View, which will be shown in View, which number you can choose in "View Number" option (it resides on the right side of the combo-box).

    By default the list of Saved Views consists of Saved Views of the current model, all models of the current file and all references attached to the current model.

    You can change the models of Saved Views being taken from, using the Settings dialog, which can be opened with key-in MP SELECTOR SETTINGS

    By default if you choose Saved View of non-active model of the currently opened DGN file, then model of the Saved View becomes active in the View, where Saved Views are shown (but if Saved View belongs to the current model or reference model, then there will be no switching between models in the View). So you can simultaneously work with two and more models, each of which will be active in it’s own view.

    If this way of switching between Saved Views looks inconvenient to you, then you can change behavior of switching to simple display or complete switching between models of Saved Views. You can find more details in the "Settings" issue.

Create Saved View

    "Save Current View" button allows to create Saved View. Such button allows to create Saved View with single button-click – compare to 4 button clicks you need to do in standard MicroStation’s dialog.

Start Saved View Manager

    Button calls Saved View Manager application. This application allows to efficiently manage Saved Views, create Reports, change boundaries of references and many more.

About Molotov Project

    The button calls web browser and connects to www.mdlapps.com , where you can every month find new applications or new versions of already known applications.