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User Interface

Main dialog

    Saved Views List

    Saved Views List contains information about found Saved Views. User can define types of models in the Settings, which are processed when Saved Views List is building. Columns have the following meanings:

    • “Name” – Saved View name
    • “Description” – Saved View description
    • “Model” – model which Saved View belongs to
    • “File Name” – name of file, which contains the Saved View
    • “Modification Time” – the time, when Saved View was edited for the last time
    • “Display Saved View in” – If it turned on, then new record selection in Saved View List will result in displaying of the Saved View in the view, which number can be selected in option button “View 1”
    • “View 1” – View which is used to display Saved Views
    • “Create…” – create saved view
    • “Delete” – delete saved view
    • “Import…” – import saved view from file
    • “To Thumbnail” – create Thumbnail from saved view
    • “Rename…” – rename saved view
    • “Create Image…” – create images from selected saved views
    • “Report…” – create interactive report from selected saved views
    • “Clip Reference” – clip reference by boundary of the current saved view
    • “Switch to Model” – temporary switch to model, which owns the current saved view. This option may be convenient for small editing works.

Main menu

    Main menu item

    Submenu item




    Close the application


    Change Settings…

    Configure Saved View Manager. See "Settings" for more details.

    Restore Factory Defaults

    Forget changes to settings, which were done by user after Change View installation.


    Create Saved Views for Models …

    Create Saved Views in bulk mode for currently opened file’s models


    Additional information about the application and Molotov Project