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Change View Settings

Change View can be configured using Settings->Change Settings dialog box. Change View does not need any Configurational Variable to be set.

Eagle Eye

    • “Open with” – set buttons, which will activate Eagle Eye. Operation finishes after user release these buttons.
    • “EagleEye View” –The View that will be used as magnifying glass
    • “Close Immediately” – close EagleEye View right after Eagle Eye operation or leave it opened. Eagle Eye never closes Eagle Eye view if it was opened before operation.
    • “Use Zoom” – Use zooming or not. If zooming is used then elements are zoomed in “Factor” times. If zooming is not used then Change View application uses the current viewing scale of Eagle Eye View.
    • “Show References” – do you wish to see reference files in EagleEye View or not
    • “Display Levels as in Source View” – show levels in EagleEye View in the same state as they are turned on in the source view, or use native level mask of Eagle Eye view.
    • “Open EagleEye View near Cursor” – turn on this flag if you want EagleEye to dynamically position Eagle Eye view near the mouse cursor. Turn the option off if you prefer to see static EagleEye View. “Vertical and Horizontal Position” options set position of EagleEye View towards mouse cursor. “Distance” sets the distance between EagleEye View and mouse cursor.


    • “Active zone area, %” – sets the percentage of view area which will be ‘the active zone’. View is moving when user enters data point in the active zone.
    • “Show Border” – show active zone boundary
    • “Automove on” – sets sensitivity that will filter some operations such as viewing operations.
    • “Turn on Automove in following views” – allows to turn off Automove in certain views

Button assignments

    • “Cursor 3” … “Cursor 8” – slots for key-ins, which you want to assign to mouse buttons
    • “Assign Key-ins” – assign key-in commands with slots. If some Cursors are already assigned to mouse buttons then you just need to change key-in in the slot and press this button to redefine mouse buttons.
    • “Button Assignments” – standard MicroStation’s tool for assigning commands to mouse buttons. Assign “Cursor 3” … “Cursor 8” to any mouse button.

View move

    • “View moving step, %” – View moving percentage, which will be used when you will move the current View using arrows or keyboard buttons.


    • “Automatically load scales on startup” – if turned on, then Change View automatically loads last used View Scales.