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AutoCAD and MicroStation

Autocad color table provided with MicroStation v8. Why do the RED - GREEN - BLUE values differ from the AutoCAD RED - GREEN - BLUE values?

MicroStation XM does have an updated acadcolor.tbl that reflects newer version of AutoCAD.

The AutoCAD DIVIDE and MEASURE commands enable one to place a block at a specified interval along a polyline, either a given length along the line, or at equal intervals. Is there an analogous procedure in MicroStation?

In the Points toolbox is a tool that will let you place a cell (or point or text) at a given length along a line, as well as a given number of cells equally spaced along a line. If you want to place a repeating cell along a line at a set distance, you will need the Celltools.ma MDL downloadable from Bentley.

Author: Richard Thomas

We are a civil firm working for an architectual firm. They would like for us to use there AutoCAD sheet files for our civil work. How can MicroStation V8 create view ports in the paperspace in the same manner as AutoCAD?

See an article "Saving DGN to DWG with paperspace and viewports" on BE|Communities .

How to convert MicroStation text to AutoCAD mtext? I want to keep background but on AutoCAD have only in Mtext. I don't know why AutoCAD do not support background on text type like MicroStation. How to control the text type (MicroStation) convert to Mtext type(AutoCAD)?

A single line text gets saved as a single line text and a text node gets saved as a multiline text. You should use text nodes instead of texts.

Author: Don Fu

Can/will MicroStation V8/XM be able to open and edit AutoCAD 2007/2008 files?

We are currently working with the ODA on support for 2007 DWG, we will announce a date for release when we are satisfied that the quality is at a level that you would expect. Note: The Alpha version with native read and write is done - and we are verifying the functionality and refining the details right now.

Author: Vickie Hewitt (Bentley Systems, Inc.) (10 Aug 2007)