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Element Manager Settings

This section will describe how to set settings of Element Manager. There are only several settings of the application. Note that Element Manager does not require any additional configuration parameter to be set. The main setting you need to set are settings for element browsing and information presenting.


    If you want to browse elements in Element Manager then you need to set up views and their parameters for element displaying during browsing. You can set these parameters in «MP Element Manager. Views» dialog

    Every row corresponds to View number. You van set in this row whether View must be used for displaying elements during browsing. Turn on field ”Use?” if you are going to display elements in this View. “Scale” parameter means whether View scale must be changed when elements with different sizes are displayed in window. If “Scale” is turned off, then all elements are displayed in the same scale. If this parameter is turned on, then the field contains the scaling factor for elements displaying. When “Drawing Mode” for View is set to “Highlight”, then element is shown highlighted.

«Change Settings»

    Window is used for changing Element Manager’s settings.

    • “Show level names” – show level names. If turned off, then show level codes
    • "Show line style names” – show line style names for lines which have names
    • "AutoRefresh Statistics on file open, grouping change” – if turned on, then statistical information will be refreshed after user will open new file and after user will change set of groping columns (using Grouping submenu for example). It may be useful to manually refresh statistics when you work with very large files (when statistic's refresh takes several seconds).
    • "Display icons for” – display icons for color, weight and line style attributes
    • "Truncate Last Modified to” – date and time format for "Last Modified" attribute. You can easily use this option with element filtering by "Additional" attribute if you want to look at
    • "Accuracy of Rotation Angle” – shows precision which should be taken for calculation of rotation angle.
    • "Current View ...” – these options allow to select View which will be used when "Region" option is set to "Current View" or "Search for" option is set to "Displayed Only".
    • "Display deleted elements” – display deleted elements when browsing elements group